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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology


In face with the fast change and demand from the industry, we have developed our curriculum focusing on practical technique reinforcement with solid theory base, which include some major courses like "Computing Network Technology” and "APP Technology ".  The curriculum has been arranged to the direction of building up students' practical field competency as well as their capability of independent thinking to cope with the industry’s talent demand for computing information technology.



To meet with the future IT development and to further enhance academic alliance with the industry, we have developed advanced system techniques in area of computing information technology.   We also constructed relative laboratories for the respective practical technique expansion purposes in various fields, with the support from national educational funding which we have been aggressively applying for.  The courses such as “Computing Network Technology” and " APP Technology” exactly features our efforts and direction for our curriculum development.  Meanwhile, in consideration of the increasing demand for global talents, our curriculum also aims to nurture our students with ability to adapt themselves to international business, including encouragement projects for students to get certified for GEPT & TOEIC tests.



TCP/IP Teaching-Aid System.

TCP/IP Communication Protocol Experiment Teaching-Aid System .

PC-based hardware verification platform

HTC New One Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

SONY Xperia Z Ultra Smartphone.

ASUS fonepad


Further Studies

The department offers challenging degree programs which equip students with solid background for the advanced or continuing education.  Students graduated from the department can go further for graduate school studying Computer Engineering,  Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering, Telecommunication programs. 


Career Prospects

Students will be able to devote themselves in professions in information technology, wireless communication, cable networks, APP design, communication device development, and Internet Service.  Meanwhile, it is also one of our program targets to train the student to become a software engineer, hardware engineer, firmware engineer, IC design engineer, network programming engineer, network management engineer, mobile phone research engineer, and communication system engineer in their future career.


Education System

Four-year institute of technology and division of continuing education

Two-year junior college for continuing education



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