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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering



The curriculum of this department centers on the fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering and emphasizes technical training and professional skills. Based on the current faculty and facilities, we offer major courses on computer aided design & computer aided manufacture and mechatronics & automation, and refrigeration & air-conditioning. Our courses prepare students with professional skills immediately applicable in the job market while providing solid knowledge and training for their future development.


The teachings of the department have the following goals:

1. To increase interests in research and enhance the ability of independent thinking.

2. To strengthen our academic performance alert system and establish remedial teaching programs.

3. To help students obtain professional certifications.

4. To design effective curriculum with specific focuses.

5. To encourage research and practical development and promote industry-university cooperation.

6. To encourage student projects and participation in local or international competitions.

Based on these goals, we help our students to develop the precision mechanical design and manufacture features in the following areas: computer acid design and manufacture, mechatronic integration and fundamental knowledge of energy application.  

Labs and Facilities


Main Equipment

CNC lab()

CNC WEDM,CNC EDM,CNC lathe, CNC machine center

CNC lab()

laser sculpture, rapid proto-type machine, CNC high speed machine center


teaching softwares

Energy and heat

transfer lab

solar energy and fuel cell, heat convection and heat radiation, heat transfer instrument

Fluid solid mechanics lab

pump performance, valve characteristic instrument

Precision metrology lab

3 dimension measuring bed, laser interference, surface roughness tester

Mechatronic integration lab

mechatronic integration c-class certification platform

Special working practice shop

deep hole drilling machine, gun drilling machine, abrasive welding machine

Further Studies

For students who wish to pursue higher degrees, they can consider the following options: graduate programs of Mechanical Engineering, Power Mechanical Engineering, Automatic Control, Materials Science, or related fields, in Taiwan or abroad.

Career Prospects

Graduates of our department have found employment in a wide range of industries such as computer, communication, consumer electronics, hardware processing, biomedical equipments, computer accessories, composite materials, mold and die engineering, metal and steel making, motor vehicles, semiconductor, petroleum and electric power, transportation, and precision machinery.

Education System

1.Five-year junior college

2.Four-year institute of technology

3.division of continuing education





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