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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Digital Multimedia Technology

CONTACT: +886290978112000

Development features


. Aim to educate pupils with both basic artistic accomplishment and informatic technology.


Development features include:

1.lecturing industry public software, assistance to obtain international licenses, and enhancement to pupil's capability for employment carrier.

2.Mainly practical courses and hand-on work to inspire student's design ideas.

3.Incorporate SPPA project management platform into project course to make students familiar with industry management tool.

4.Develop student's artistic accomplishment by appreciation and analysis methodology, and also improve creative capability.


Curriculum planning

Five years and Four years academic programs of animation and games courses, course features include:

1.Operation training of multimedia design software to create employment opportunities.

2.Educate pupils being capable to become bridge between information technology and arts.

3.To active implementation to replace boring theory, thematic production to stimulate students ' creativity.

4.Introduce SPPA project management system to help pupils to learn the cooperation attitude for enterprises.



nThis department equips with 7 professional laboratories of Digital Multimedia Design Lab., 3D Animation Lab., Digital Audio and Video Lab., Interactive Multimedia Lab., Internet Communication Lab., Digital Multimedia Design Lab.and Visual Creative Media Lab.

nProfessional License Examination Center.with software of Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects,3DsMAX, MAYA, iClone, AVID Media Composer, Comic Studio, Painter and Unity.

nShare Point Project Assistant (SPPA) is a project management platform for students to learn this project management tools and also use it to control the schedule of project course.


Further studies

Junior College graduates:

They can enter the 3rd year of related departments in 4 years college or University with multimedia related departments.


College graduates:

Related graduate programs of multimedia in Taiwan and abroad.


Career Prospects

The graduates can act as following position:

1.Computer animator 2. Movie editor 3. Game Planner 4. Game programmer

5.Game QA and test engineer 6. Web Designer 7. Web page maintenance engineer


Education system

1. Five years junior college

2. Four years college


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