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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Food & Beverage Management

  • With rapid growth of the hospitality industry, the formally Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Lee-Ming Institute of Technology has been divided into three separate departments in the fall of 2014.  The formally joined department is renamed as the “Department of Food & Beverage Management”.  The other two departments are the “Department of Tourism and Leisure Management”, the “Department of Hotel Management”, respectively.  Professional courses that better fit each of the separated departments are offered to meet the needs of the students in each of the three Departments.
  • Since the 2014 Fall Semester, all courses offered in the “Department of Food & Beverage Management” are categorized into one of two groups, the “Culinary Skill” and “Service Skill” of hospitality.  Courses offered under each of the two groups are designed to fit into the needs of the current industry.  The needs of knowledge, skill, attitude, character, and service education in the hospitality profession are provided in the “Department of Food & Beverage Management” at Lee-Ming Institute of Technology.  International view is also provided through practical training, certification incentives, and workshop/seminar … etc.  The goal is to prepare students the capability of working professionally upon graduation.

Employment Options

  • Culinary personnel
  • Hospitality personnel
  • Hotel manager
  • Baker/Chef
  • Hospitality marketing executive
  • Wedding planner/designer
  • Hospitality designer
  • Hospitality researcher
  • Hospitality counselor
  • Food evaluator
  • Bartender
  • Sommelier










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