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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of fashion and design

Taiwanese living standard has generally improved. Clothing, fabrics, styling and other fashion-related industry is flourishing. The lack of channels of entering higher education leads to the uneven standard of employees. The educationist has begun to attach importance to the quality of talents.

Development goals of Department of Fashion & Design are employed the resources of industry, official and university, creating the best college in Taiwan. And then educating students become excellent employees in fashion industry. The results of educating and created design are expect to upgrade the generally fashion industrial. Therefore, we educate students to become the professional and technical talents with self-learning and pragmatic attitude, and professional design capability.

Educational goals:

1. The professionals in fashion and aesthetic fabric design.

2. The professionals in arts and humanities clothing design

3. The professionals in innovation and creation styling design

The academic program and educational goals of Department of Fashion & Design are set in according to the college development plan, the main development of current fashion industry, and the human needs of the job market, providing high quality talents and enhancing the levels of professional and technical manpower. The department will combine closely with industry to allow students to understand the popular design development trend in today's society, enhance student professionalism, and stretch students' employability and competitiveness.


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