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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Curriculum Design

The Department of Business Administration was established in 2006 under an mergence of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management . In order to stay in tune with the trend of development in the industry, the mission of the Department is to provide quality management education and skills so that the graduates can become business leaders making significant contribution to the society. The Department also offer courses in cooperation with the department of information management to offer four programs: enterprise resource planning, marketing and sales, investment and finance management as well as business operation strategy, for those interested in courses covering a wide discipline. The efforts of the faculty over the years have made the Department an outstanding and famous management education center in technological and vocational college. Besides, the faculty has also constantly provided services to the society.

Course Features

The Department aims to integrate management skills with IT-enabled management in the areas of enterprise resource planning, marketing and sales, investment and finance management, and business operation strategy. Major course activities of the Department are the following:

Ÿ  Focusing on professional education, development and application of managerial knowledge;

Ÿ  Concentrating on case teaching methods, and cultivating the analytical and decision-making abilities of learners;

Ÿ  Emphasizing computer knowledge and applications to cope with the development of information technology;

Ÿ  Guiding the pedagogical direction of business administration, publishing cases, and developing the computer software of business simulation;

Ÿ  Conducting research involving the issues of inter-disciplinary management courses;

Ÿ  Offering training programs and consultation to public and private organizations.

The Department will devote its efforts to the following activities: Encouraging the understanding of business practices; Contributing to the society as in the past; and Engaging in three joint efforts: Developing and modifying BOSS, a widely used computer game which simulates the operations of business in the real world; and continuing the sponsorship of an annual conference on innovation and Entrepreneurial management in Lee-Ming institute of Technology. In the future, as the current trend move towards the combination of logistics flow, money flow, information flow and business flow, the Department aims to educate the students that they can become management specialists in those areas by providing them with solid theoretical studies and practical industry experience.

Teaching Goals & Further Studies

The Department teaching and research aims to integrate the best management knowledge of the East and the West in combination with outstanding practices of local enterprises to produce contributive works that are beneficial to the business and educational communities. The faculty is also committed to educate the best business graduates and researchers in the region who have received solid training in both social science and business management and also have possessed broad knowledge of the business environment and practices.

Under the guideline of the departmental mission, the learning goals of Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Lee-Ming institute of Technology are:

(1)General knowledge and leadership: to train students with the necessary knowledge and leadership skills to prepare them to become socially responsible adults and competent professionals with leadership potential.

(2)Management-specific knowledge and skills: to educate students in the state-of-the-art business practices, concepts, and methods. The theoretical and practical training help them become "thinking" managers and outstanding business leaders in the global marketplace.

Those graduates of the Department who are interested in further study may apply for business related programs released at either domestic or oversea esteemed higher education institutions.

Department Facilities

All classrooms are fitted with the necessary computer hardware and softwareas well as providing wireless internet access. There is also state-of-art compute system including Enterprise Resource Planning Lab, Investment and Finance Management Lab, Business Management Simulation Lab, Networking Application Lab and Special Topics Project Lab to offering practical exercises for students.

Job Prospects

Upon graduation, those graduates of the Department will possess the necessary skills to occupy position such as marketing management, production management and finance management at either private sectors or government agencies.

Education System

The Department offers four-years courses within the institute of technology for those considering advanced education.


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