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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Dept. of Innovative Product Design


   In view of the needs of national economy development and social change, the department is devoted to educate the students to become industrial designers with creative minds, not mere skilled crafts people and to cultivate them toward the advanced design professionals who are able to create and to engage in design research and development, planning and management.


 1. Strengthening, Strategy and Management of Innovation and Design in its education and research.

2. Combining Internet and multimedia techniques to create new product designing paradigm.

3. Studying cognitive behavior and interaction between human and product.

4. Emphasizing human care and integrating theory of design into technology and arts.

5. Applying high technology(3D printer) to develop high value-added products.

6. Promoting cooperation between government, industries and academic so as to elevate the competitive ability in industrial design.

7. Participating and organizing international activities and contests.

8. Associating the Industrial Design departments in northern Taiwan to share the teaching and learning resources.

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