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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Applied Cosmetology

Goals of establishment and teaching objectives

Regarding plural trends of our society development and increasingly raised income along with the improvement of Taiwan economic conditions, people put much emphasis on the upgrade of the quality of life. In addition, they begin to focus on their images and outer appearances. Beauty related enterprise has prosperously developed in accordance with the trends of our society. The number of beauty professional servicemen has been increasingly required.


Cosmetics has been continuingly invented and diversified in the past few years following on the incessant development of the new technology. People engaged in cosmetics can not distinguish good cosmetic products from bad ones if they are short of the professional knowledge of cosmetics. Therefore, they will abuse and misuse cosmetic products.


In 2005, our institute set up the department of applied cosmetology and management to meet the demand of upgrading cosmetic professional standard. In 2009, the department was renamed the department of applied cosmetology to meet the professional characteristic of cosmetic technology, our curriculum was redesigned for professionals scientifically and artistically.

Curriculum description

The teaching objective of our department is to combine cosmetic theory with cosmetic practice. The professional cosmetic courses are categorized as follows:

The science of cosmetics: Upgrade professional knowledge of students in cosmetics including chemistry, introduction to cosmetics chemistry, cosmetics manufacture, and cosmetics inspection.

Beauty care and medicine: focus basic medical knowledge to reach the objective and to combine on beauty care with medicine, including principal of anatomy & hysiology, beauty health, nutrition, acupuncture and beauty car and medicine.

Management courses: teach students the knowledge of management and marketing of cosmetics including introduction to computer in cosmetics, introduction to management and cosmetics marketing.

Cosmetics skills: extending from the basic skill of cosmetics to image and whole-body styling design the advanced skill care, cosmetics of colors, the practice of beauty skill, image design and whole-body styling.

Art courses: focusing on the knowledge of art to cultivate students the professional sense in art, including introduction to art, the study of applied color, designed art, visual expressive art.

Opportunities for the graduates including:

1. Joining the beauty enterprise, working as beauticians, beauty lecturers, and whole-body stylistic designer.

2. Engaged in the marketing and management of cosmetic.

3. Involved in the research and development or planning at cosmetics factory.

4. Setting up their own beauty salons or studios.

5. Continuing their study at graduate school.

The future trends and development

The department has grown under the effort of the faculty and will make efforts to become the center of cultivating and educating for the technical and management professionals. For the present, we have assisted instructors in professional fields and invited superior instructor to teach. In addition, we have expanded teaching facilities to upgrade the teaching quality, enterprise cooperation in practice, and encouraged teachers to do research. Therefore, we hope our department can be important role in training cosmetic and beautician Professionals.

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