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Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Fashion Styling& Design

The speciality of the fashion styling design department

To consider the trends of the international economy, Taiwan's industrial development, and the trends of design industry development, depend on government design policy, the fashion styling design department curriculum according to professional competence indicators curriculum planning and alignment the need of professional technic for the industries, planning to cultivate students during the four years of college transcripts, to encourage students to self-adaptive learning and creation. With bags, footwear, metalworking and other professional courses for the overall shape of classics as the core, art, culture, fashion and business management as the assistance, cultivate students' interest in the arts, culture and appreciation. And combining the school resources of the cosmetic applications department, product creative design department and fashion design department, etc., by each department mutual cooperation and integration, to the arts, leisure, entertainment, management, and to do the needs of diverse design, nurturing a new era of design talent with integrated design concept.


The Department recruit teachers with professional experience workshop practices, nurturing approach to industry professionals in the importing school development work to enable students to become the bags, footwear, jewelry boutique with the overall design and integrated designers with professional skills. And to strengthen the school's cooperation with the industry to improve the quality of technical and vocational education to meet the needs of industry.


Emphasis on workshop training approach competitive application of professional skills training and design development. Target is breed the students with practical experience, theoretical applications, and the professionals with professional ethics, training professional skills in the workplace, seamless integration with industry, graduates can immediately employment, and become a professional of the core staff.

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